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Activities & Organizations

Southeast Kentucky Community and College provides the opportunity to participate in and develop leadership skills through several campus organizations and activities, which promote educational, recreational, social, and personal growth. With campuses in Cumberland, Harlan, Middlesboro, Pineville, and Whitesburg, the college is able to offer a variety of student activities that accommodate each campuses student population.

At Southeast we encourage students to participate in organizations and activities within the college so they can gain new experiences and associate with a diverse group of different people. We want students to connect with their community and explore their interests. By experiencing new and diverse opportunities we want students to discover their abilities and learn life skills.


Some of our active student organizations include:

HOSA Pineville Campus
Student Government Pineville Campus
Student Government Middlesboro Campus
Student Government Cumberland Campus
Student Government Harlan Campus
Student Government Whitesburg Campus
Phi Theta Kappa Cumberland Campus
Phi Beta Lambda
Sigma Alpha Omega Chapter of PBL Middlesboro
Black Student Union
SKCTC Art Club

For more information regarding these student organizations please contact your local student activities coordinator:

Pineville Campus - Bobby Grubbs (606-248-2010)

Middlesboro Campus - Kim Maynard (606-248-0255)

Cumberland Campus - Shana Lewis (606-589-3019)

Harlan Campus - Mike Ingram (606-589-3214)

Whitesburg Campus - Amanda Wynn (606-589-3335)