Mission & Vision | SKCTC

Mission & Vision


The enduring purpose of Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College is to enhance our students’ lives and the lives of the people of our region through the transformative impact of education, service, career, and workforce training.

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College is a public, comprehensive community and technical college serving southeast Kentucky and is under the governance of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).

Adopted Mission Statement (May 03, 2022)


  1. Raise the level of educational attainment in the Commonwealth by positioning KCTCS as the accessible, affordable, and relevant postsecondary education choice for Kentuckians.
  2. Increase access and success for all KCTCS students, particularly among traditionally underserved populations.
  3. Develop clear pathways through all levels of postsecondary education with an emphasis on experiential learning that lead to successful employment outcomes for SKCTC graduates.
  4. Improve student engagement, support, experiences, and success with best-in-class.
  5. Align programs and curricula with needs of employers that enhance the employability, job placement, and career development of KCTCS graduates
  6. (Local Goal) Effectively Manage Cohort Default Rate

Adopted 2016 by the SKCTC Faculty and Board of Directors

Statement of Values

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College:

  1. Strives to be a proactive and responsive partner with its communities.
  2. Continuously examines its environment to understand and anticipate local, regional, and state needs and to respond with appropriate programs and services.
  3. Endeavors to be an active leader in its service area, working with other community organizations and educational programs to empower its constituencies to participate in social and economic change.
  4. Strives for excellence in teaching and learning, providing a diverse student population with an outstanding, student-centered education to nurture a capacity and excitement for lifelong learning.
  5. Works to establish strong partnerships with public schools, industry, and transfer institutions to ensure that all students come prepared to succeed and depart with strong options for future growth and development.
  6. Overcomes barriers of distance, fear, poverty, and other constraints to education through creative use of resources.

Adopted 2002 by the SKCTC Faculty and Board of Directors