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Advising Syllabus

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College empowers students to think, create, and make meaning through intentional connections, innovative academic pursuits, and a vibrant community.  The purpose of advising at SKCTC is to improve student academic success through a shared advising process between student and advisor. Advising sessions will be used not only to develop a clear path toward a credential but also to teach students that they must take ownership of their academic success.


  • Develop an intentional collaborative relationship with your advisor.
  • Understand the structure and purpose of Southeast’s curriculum.
  • Create a narrative that connects your classes, experiential learning, and co-curricular programming.
  • Identify and explain your personal and professional short and long-term goals.
  • Use institutional resources to meet your goals.
Student Responsibilities Advisor Responsibilities
Develop a strong working relationship with your advisor and make appointments when requested and necessary. Develop a strong working relationship with your advisee and be available for appointments as needed.
Be respectful and inclusive in your communications and interactions with your advisor. Be respectful and inclusive in your communications and interactions with your advisee.
Prepare for and be active in your advising meetings and ask questions when you have them. Inform your student about your advising style and expectations.
Reflect on your personal interest, skills, and goals and share them with your advisor. Assist students in exploring and defining their interest, skills, and goals.
Learn and understand the Catalog and SKCTC’s policies, procedures, deadlines, and requirements. Remain current with the Catalog and SKCTC’s policies, procedures, deadlines, and requirements.
Use the technological resources (Blackboard, etc.) available to help you make informed decisions toward and plan your degree requirements. Maintain confidentiality regarding student information while following FERPA guidelines at all times.
Seek out additional faculty and staff who can assist you with your academic and career planning when needed. Inform students of and provide appropriate referrals to campus resources that enhance their academic and/or personal experience at SKCTC.
Follow through on plans-of-action identified during advising meetings. Discuss plans-of-action.
Take responsibility for completing your academic plan. Help students to make decisions and take ownership of their choices.

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Agreement Statement

I have read the Academic Advising Syllabus and understand my responsibilities and expectations as outlined in this document. I agree to refer to this advising syllabus every semester and contact my advisor for advising appointments.



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*Revised 3/1/2019