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Moving to Online Instruction

March 13, 2020

In his news conference yesterday evening, Governor Beshear and the Interim Commissioner of Education requested that school systems across the state move to online or remote learning for two-three weeks beginning Monday, March 16. There will be no face to face classes for the next two to three weeks.

Southeast will, therefore, move forward to online learning for all face to face and hybrid classes for up to three weeks beginning Wednesday, March 18, according to the following guidelines:

  • All regularly scheduled 16 week, 12 week, and bi-term online classes will continue on Monday, March 16, as previously scheduled.
  • All face to face and hybrid classes transitioning to online or remote learning will begin on Wednesday, March 18, to allow faculty time to transition their courses.
  • Workforce Solutions courses will continue to be offered as appropriate with employers.
  • Technical labs may be open for independent or small class time with faculty.  Your instructors will contact you via email if they plan to make labs available.
  • We will maintain an open computer lab at each campus with social distancing to support student internet access. Also, WiFi will be available in the parking lots for students who wish to remain in their vehicles.
  • The college will remain open unless ordered to close by Governor Beshear, Dr. Box, or state or local public health officials.
  • While the college will continue to operate with a minimal staff, other employees working from home will be available via email.
  • Faculty will be in contact via Blackboard messenger and will remain accessible to you throughout this online period.

This is an unprecedented situation, and information has been changing almost by the minute, so plans may be changed or refined further.

Thank you for your dedication and for helping us to make this a smooth transition.