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NACE NLN and PAX Test Information

All PAX and NACE exams must be completed by November 1 for the spring semester and by March 1 for the fall semester.

Student Purchase in NLN Store

  • Read the User Guide
  • Create an account for our institution go to Southeast Kentucky CTC
  • Details alphanumeric field*
  • Click email link to set up a password
  • Click Buy Exam: Follow instructions to pay by Credit Card
  • Click My Assessments: Schedule or Launch


* Details Field- When creating a student account, there is a field called “Details” This field allows examinees to enter a unique identifier for export to student management system. 

PAX ADA Candidates:                                              

Please note the NLN no longer requires or accepts requests for ADA testing needs. In the event that your institution has approved an individual for additional time, please direct the student to purchase the E-PAX ACC version in the student score. The cost of the exam is the same as the standard version. When scheduling an appointment, the system will present available times that accommodate the extended testing time.

Special Notes: 

i.e., minimum score of 100 preferred. For immediate assistance see the PDF or video for technical support information. You may also complete this form to receive assistance from the NLN.