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WHITESBURG, Ky. The Whitesburg campus of Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College (SKCTC) is taking the mission to serve students to the next level.

In response to a growing need, staff members got together with campus administrators to open The Pantry this week. The Pantry, located in the kitchen area of Caudill Hall, is available to all students, especially those who may not have the money to buy or bring their lunch with them when they come to campus.

If someone is hungry, they are not going to perform well in class. said Delilah Turner, who works in records and registration and came up with the idea. Basic needs have to be met first. It is our hope that The Pantry will do just that.

Deborah Young, the director for the Whitesburg campus, loved the idea. She said the staff pulled together to quickly make the idea become a reality.

Students face many challenges while seeking their degree. Anything we can do to remove an obstacle will provide the students a greater chance to succeed. said Young. The Pantry is our way of removing a barrier for the students.
If you would like to donate to The Pantry, you can contact Turner at 606-589-3313 or Pricie Young at 606-589-3322.

Photo caption: The Pantry, located in the kitchen area of Caudill Hall on the Whitesburg campus of SKCTC, is now open with food available for students who need it.