Visual Communication: Printing

The future of printing is here.

Computers become more important to business and industry every day. To succeed, they need printing specialists who can successfully operate the machines in combination with design and layout skills.

What does our program offer?

The technical skills to prepare and produce publications, printed materials and specialty graphics. You learn page layout, computer illustration, digital imaging, prepress technologies, press operations, and finishing and binding.

What courses will I take?

History, terminology, and theory of printing and graphic communications. You ll get a full range of technical classes using the most popular and recognized desktop publishing programs, including:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe In-Design
  • QuarkXPress

What will I learn?

How to use the elements of design to manipulate text with art for maximum graphic effect. Graphics programs help you define your skills and translate them to the computer. You ll also learn to print and assemble finished products.

Where will I be able to work?

At commercial printers, newspapers, public relations firms, ad agencies, and other printing operations. New jobs are opening in retail and businesses developing digital photography, in-house printing, web design and Internet business.

What credentials are available?

You can earn an associate degree in Applied Science in printing, print manufacturing, digital production or printing management; diplomas as a digital production artist and printer; or certificates in:

  • Print Shop Assistant
  • Offset Press Operator
  • Digital Production Assistant
  • Digital Imaging Assistant
  • Specialty Graphics