Higher Ground

Appalachian Program
Higher Ground
What would have been the point of encouraging people to talk if you weren't going to talk about the tough issues, the hard things? This is what people long for and need - to discuss, to talk, to have a relatively free space to just say and ask it and somebody is going to hear you instead of hanging you
- Connie Owens, community coordinator

In the fall of 2005,the culminating event of the Harlan County Rockefeller PACT Project was the opening of the original community drama Higher Ground .
In collaboration with director Gerard Stropnicky and playwright Jo Carson, a community coalition created the script for Higher Ground out of oral histories collected specifically for the project. The play dealt head-on with the issue of prescription drug abuse and drew on the network created by the rest of the Harlan County Project.
Higher Ground was so well received throughout the community as well as the state, that funding was obtained from the Steele Reese Foundation for two more community dramas. The second play in the Higher Ground Production series Playing With Fire premiered in April of 2009.
The third play is now in the planning stages and is yet to be scheduled. To find out more about Higher Ground Productions click here.

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