Brian Fields | SKCTC

Faculty Profile: Brian FieldsBrain Fields

Degree & School: Associate in Science in Criminal Justice from Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College, Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and Public Safety from Eastern Kentucky University, Masters of Science in Criminal Justice from Everest University

Official Title: Criminal Justice Instructor (Whitesburg campus)

Contact Info: or 606-589-3354

Specific Area of Interest (Faculty): Criminal Justice and Safety

Time at Southeast: 6 years

What brought you to Southeast? I wanted to give back to the school that got me started in my career and breathe life in to a program that was struggling.

What is the most important part of your job to you? Ensuring that the needs of each student who reaches out to me are met. I am here to help them get a quality education.

Why do you enjoy working with students? I love working with the students because I get to see them grow and obtain the goals that they set for themselves.

Tell us something fun about yourself that someone might not normally know. I am really in to smoking meat with different kinds of wood. It s always interesting to see the outcome!

Why do you stay at Southeast? I stay at Southeast because these are my people. They walk in the shoes that I have walked in. I want provide the students the opportunity that was provided to me when I started here. I want them to see that each of them are a great and unique person and that each has their own skill set that will make someone else better when the goals they set for themselves are met.