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Funding Needs

Your Gift at Work

Your gift can assist one of the following strategic areas that are vital to the continued excellence of SKCTC programming:


Greatest Need Fund

One of the most powerful and immediate ways you can help students is by giving to the Greatest Need Fund.  It benefits every student, every day.  Your gift to the Greatest Need Fund supports SKCTC’s top priorities throughout the year.  The majority of gifts the College receives are restricted to specific initiatives.  However, by partnering with us through a gift in this category, you allow the College to respond to issues and opportunities – whatever they are and whenever they arise.


Examples of these gifts at work include:

  • Increased financial aid for students whose financial situation has suddenly changed
  • Upgrades to make campus facilities more energy efficient
  • Support for students to travel with faculty to an academic conference
  • Flexibility to respond promptly to unanticipated events or opportunities


Innovative Academic Programming Fund

As technology changes rapidly, so do the needs of our campuses and classrooms.  The Innovative Academic Programming Fund will allow SKCTC to purchase needed equipment and technology for the contemporary classroom.  From providing our nursing and allied health students with access to the most up to date equipment to connecting our classrooms through videoconferencing networks, it is critical that the College stay ahead of the technology curve.  You can help the College expand and improve science labs, classrooms, libraries, and other learning spaces.


Examples of gifts at work include:

  • Creation of a makerspace – a collaborative work space for creating prototypes using high-tech tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and soldering irons.  Makerspaces provide hands on learning, improve critical thinking, and allow students to gain skills in electronics, coding, robotics, and entrepreneurship.
  • Respiratory Therapy program equipment, such as the MetaNeb lung expansion machine
  • Medical Laboratory Technician program equipment, such as a CBC Machine to analyze blood


Southeast Scholars Program

The Southeast Scholars Program serves first-generation students with academic potential, but who might face economic, cultural, or institutional obstacles to completing a college degree.  Participants enroll in 6th grade and continue through high school graduation, during which time they qualify for a full-tuition scholarship. The SES Program provides support services, mentoring, and academic preparation to assist participants to prepare participants to overcome any obstacles faced in earning an academic credential. Alumni have been successful in a wide range of career fields, including pharmacists, physical therapists, business professionals, and attorneys.


Examples of gifts at work include:

  • A field trip to visit a science museum
  • A trip to visit a medical school to work side-by-side with current medical school students during short lesson modules
  • Complete a Challenge Ropes Course that improves teamwork, problem-solving, communication, conflict management, decision-making, and assessing/managing risk


Josh Lee Freshman at SoutheastBeing in Southeast Scholars since the 6th Grade has not only brought me many enriching trips, and educational insights in classes, but has taught me reliability, responsibility, and taught me true values that I need to abide by as a “good citizen”. I have just begun my undergraduate career as a freshman at Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College and can already report that my academics are off to a first-rate start.  Southeast offers one of the finest programs in the state, and I consider myself fortunate to attend.  My plans include transferring to Eastern Kentucky University, and getting my Pre-Veterinary Degree there, in which Southeast will have me fully prepared for!  -- Josh Lee, SES graduate and SKCTC freshman



SKCTC is committed to supporting students on the road to success.  Access to higher education has become a challenge as public aid diminishes, tuition increases, and the cost of childcare, textbooks, and transportation rises.  Over 92% of SKCTC students have an unmet financial need.  Donors continue to bridge this gap for our students through building scholarship opportunities for more students.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you are providing. I am on track to achieving my educational goals. I promise that it will be worth it, as I promise to succeed. I will stop at nothing less than success. I will repay this to our community one day, and this scholarship will have an everlasting effect on me. -- Logan Taylor, 2019 scholarship recipient

On behalf of all current and future students, we appreciate your generous support that allows SKCTC to advance our region.  All gifts to the College and Foundation are tax-deductible.