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Clinical Obligations

The Radiography program offered by Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College provides a clinical externship which is designed to expose the learners to hands-on experience. Externships are designed to be institutional in nature and are a cooperative effort among Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College, the learner, and the externship facilities. An externship is provided to learners to integrate theoretical knowledge with the practical application of the learner's field of study. Learners do not displace existing personnel during any clinical externship. Unlike the classroom, where tasks are organized for the learner's benefit, the clinical externship setting is organized for the patient's benefit

The clinical externship requires a full-time commitment. Learners are expected to be at their designated site on time each day for the total assigned hours (excluding 30-minute meal break), the entire term of the clinical externships. The learner is also to adhere to the clinical affiliate’s policies and procedures.

To provide the learner with a well-rounded experience, learners may be assigned to a hospital, diagnostic center, surgery clinic, orthopedic clinic, urgent care clinic and medical doctor office during any given semester. (hereinafter referred to as a “clinical externship site”).  A learner may be required to attend a clinical externship site location up to approximately 120 minutes in travel time from the Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Pineville campus. The programs’ clinical externship site locations are throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Each learner will be assigned a clinical externship site by the program director. Commuting to any one of these locations for an externship is required for a learner. During the clinical externship rotation, there will be no compensation for the driving expenses. Based on clinical externship site availability and to provide the learner with a well-rounded experience, learners are typically required to complete their externship at more than one clinical externship site per semester.

This clinical assignment approach assures that all learners have access to sufficient variety and volume of procedures to achieve program competencies. To assure equitable learning opportunities throughout the program, faculty review each learner's clinical schedule and assigns future schedules based on previous clinical education exposure, while assuring equal access and time at each CES. The clinical experience attained on evening and weekend rotations have been evaluated and assessed. The program has determined that comparable volume and variety of procedures, appropriate supervision to maintain effective and safe clinical learning environment, and the essential clinical skills are available to learners. These evening and weekend rotational assignments provide a continuum of repetitive learning opportunities to observe, practice, and perform examinations. Additionally, learners practice time management, adjustment to department dynamics, different positioning methods, techniques, and patient care issues, along with interpersonal adjustments. The program's clinical externship component requires completion of 1,140 clinical hours. The program limits learner clinical externship and didactic involvement to no more than forty hours per week, not to exceed a maximum ten (10) hours per day (excluding meal break).

Limited specialty rotations may require the learner to travel out of town as well as overnight travel for several days. Upon accepting enrollment into the SKCTC Pineville Radiography Program, the learner understands and acknowledges that they are responsible to attend all clinical externship hours regardless of the site location.

In accordance with clinical externship site Memorandum of Agreements between SKCTC and area clinical agencies, criminal background checks, routine substance (drug) screening, and any necessary immunizations and/or testing are performed at the learner’s expense.


  • Background check;
  • Drug Screening (10-panel test);
  • Medical forms: Health history and annual physical examination are to be submitted (learner is responsible for completion, cost, and on-going compliance);
  • Immunizations/Titers are to be submitted: Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis), MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella), Varicella (Chicken Pox), HBV (Hepatitis B), Influenza (during active flu season) and PPD (Purified Protein Derivative 2-step testing) (learner is responsible for completion, cost, and on-going compliance);   
  • Learner must maintain AHA CPR for the healthcare provider certification;
  • Learner must wear SKCTC assigned student identification badge;
  • Learner must wear SKCTC assigned radiation dosimeter;
  • Learner must be equipped with their own set of lead markers; 
  • Learner must complete mandatory clinical externship site(s) orientation; and
  • Learner must maintain documentation of professional liability. 


Revised May 27, 2021