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Dear SKCTC Friends, Alumni & Students:

SKCTC serves students in one of our state and nation's most economically distressed areas. Southeast students need the support of everyone in our communities to help them succeed. Southeast needs your support to make sure the College is providing students with every possible means to complete their education and go to work in high-demand, well-paying jobs.

Students need scholarships now more than any other time in Southeast's history. This year, the College awarded scholarships to only 94 students. Another 300+ high school students from a four-county region received funds to pay a $50 fee required for enrolling in college-credit courses offered in their schools.

Unfortunately, this still left an unmet need for scholarship funds of more than $50,000. Several needy and deserving students simply did not have the family resources or state and federal financial aid to pay tuition, books and other college-related expenses. Many students who received scholarships were still left with hundreds of dollars in expenses. They need your support!

Every gift to the SKCTC Scholarship Fund and to the Student Emergency Fund makes a tremendous difference. Please review the enclosed materials and consider how you can support either of these funds.

Make a Gift and Change a Life!

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