Upward Bound Math Science

What does Upward Bound Math Science do?

The goal of Upward Bound Math Science is to help you recognize and develop your potential to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and to encourage you to purse a college degree in these subjects.

Are you eligible to join Upward Bound Math Science?

To be a member of the Upward Bound Math Science program you must:

  • Be a US Citizen
  • Be ages 13 through 19
  • Attend Harlan County High School or Bell County High School
  • At time of initial selection, have completed 8th grade and not entered 12th grade
  • At time of initial selection, be a potential first-generation college student and/or low-income
  • Have a need for academic support to successfully pursue and complete postsecondary education

What do you do in Upward Bound Math Science?

In Upward Bound Math Science you would participate in hands-on and exploratory Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) activities, as well as work in labs. Once you are an Upward Bound Math Science member you participate in both the school year and the summer residential program every year of high school until you graduate.

During the school year, program staff visits you at your high school once a month and provide help and Upward Bound Studentsguidance with any problems you may be having. Tutors are available to you as needed. You as a Upward Bound Math Science student will come to one of the Southeast Campuses one Saturday a month to attend an intensive academic session that provides extra instruction, tutoring, ACT prep, community service activities, and workshops.

During the six-week summer residential program, you live in a dorm and attend classes. Classes are offered in math, science, literature, grammar, computers, foreign languages, and more. You will also have the chance to have fun, see new places, and create new cultural experiences during the summer.

For example of what our students accomplish, check out this awesome website that our own students designed during last summers residential program : www.ubms-southeast.com

How much does it cost?

All services in this program are FREE! And you receive a small stipend for your participation!