Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright

Student Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights in student works belong to the student who created the work, unless an agreement provides otherwise. A work created by a student employee during the course and scope of employment is an institutional work, and intellectual property rights to such creation belong to KCTCS, unless an agreement provides otherwise (KCTCS Administrative Policies and Procedures


The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) requires that all college personnel and students adhere to the provisions of the United States Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code). This law applies to anyone at KCTCS who wants to reproduce, alter, or perform works that are protected by copyright. Examples of these works include printed materials, sound recordings, video recordings, visual art, computer software, and multimedia.

For more information about intellectual property rights and copyright, see KCTCS Administrative Policies and Procedures 3.3.5.