2013-CommitTOcomplete | SKCTC

Commit to Complete project designed to help students excel

The Commit to Complete initiative intended to encourage, support and challenge the students of Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College to excel in the classroom and to finish requirements for an associate s degree, was initiated recently at the Cumberland campus. The program attracted a large gathering of students where they heard from President Dr. Lynn Moore and members of the college staff and faculty. Students were encouraged to sign a document pledging they will do their utmost to be successful. A similar pledge was made on behalf of the college staff and faculty to work with and to support students in their quest for a degree. Similar programs are to be held on each of the college s five campuses. Students will be monitored through the summer term of 2015. Following the convocation, prizes were awarded and pizza was served.

The event was sponsored by the Phi Theta Kappa Society, Black Student Union and the Student Government.

Group of southeast faculty and staff talking with students

Students receving packets of information

Dr. Moore addressing Students

Dr. Moore talking with students

Pat Baker addressing students

Dr. Moore gleefully addressing students

Dr. Moore addressing Students

Faculty and staff lined up against wall

Carolyn Sundy addressing students

Dr. Moore addressing Students