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Toyota of Georgetown donates vehicle to SKCTC Automotive Technology Program

The Automotive Technology Program at Southeast Kentucky Community amp; Technical College is the recipient of a 2008 Camry donated by Toyota of Georgetown. The automobile is the most recent of several donations made over the past years by the automotive giant whose Kentucky site manufactures the popular model.

Ronnie Daniels, coordinator of the program offered at the Harlan campus of SKCTC, expressed his gratitude for the recent donation of the Camry as well as others received. He said the vehicles are a welcomed asset to the program.These vehicles are used by the automotive students as training equipment allowing them the chance to work on cars with up-to-date technology, he said.

Ronnie Daniels of the Automotive Technology Program at Southeast Kentucky Community amp; Technical College sat in a 2008 Toyota Camry recently acquired by the college for use by students. Also shown is another Toyota that was donated last year.

When training students to become mechanics, the issue of having current technology vehicles to work on is of utmost concern, said Daniels. It makes it much easier for a student to learn when they have hands-on projects as opposed to trainer panels, literature or videos. Daniels went on to praise Toyota for being visionary in its decision to donate the vehicles to training programs. This allows the mechanics that enter the workforce hands-on training prior to their employment at the dealerships or at independent garages. He said at one time GM and Chrysler made donations to the program but have not done so in a number of years. It would be wonderful if they would do so, it would certainly enhance my students learning capabilities ever more. He mentioned that donated vehicles can never be titled or driven on the highway and are used until they are completely worn out or damaged beyond repair. At which time that occurs, the vehicle is crushed. One more, he said, I wish to salute Toyota and say thank you for donating vehicles to the program here at Southeast. It allows the students to learn the critical skills in order to be successful within the field.