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The SKCTC Call Center is launched, to aid students around the clock 24/7 - 365 with support services

need help? Call 1-855-2GO-SKCTC

Southeast Kentucky Community amp; Technical college is revamping the way it serves students.

Southeast, one of 16 institutions within the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, is among the first in the system to begin serving students and prospective students through the October 25 launching of a centralized 24-hour call center. The center will aid individuals in areas such as financial aid, student accounts, learn on demand and password reset every day throughout the year. The call center will initiate serving students in the areas of registration and admissions beginning next school year.

The initial launch is the start of a new way of doing business for our students and we look forward to adding the additional services soon, said Dr. Rebecca J. Parrott, Vice-President of Student Affairs at Southeast. Dr. Parrott and her staff headed the efforts for KCTCS to meet the rollout date. I am excited about the new services we are providing to our students with the call center and feel certain it will assist students in a much more thorough and well-timed manner, she said.

The call center is located in Somerset and is being implemented largely due to the unprecedented growth enjoyed by KCTCS colleges spread across the commonwealth, noted Parrott. Student services at each of the colleges, Southeast included, were being swamped by demands of new enrollees. This centralized call center will work to pick up the slack as students want around-the-clock service and availability. Students, more and more, demand services beyond 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

When a student contacts the center, those answering will know the students name and from where he or she is calling. Local persons will be the service representatives.

The process for the execution of the call center began over a year ago when a team visited each of the colleges and gained information about student service practices. Student and local input were the driving force for the services needed for each college. After the information was gathered, KCTCS officials implemented the standardized best practices for student services throughout the colleges and within the call center.

To access the call center, current students as well as prospective students may call (855) 2GO-SKCTC or at