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Southeast Workforce Solutions offering basic wilderness survival course


This course will teach BASIC Survivor Skills to the beginner or intermediate hunter/hiker/outdoors person, male or female, young or old. This course is designed to teach anyone the ability to survive in an emergency situation until rescued or help arrives. This course is real world survival taught with modern 21st century items.


Course Dates: October 13 amp; 14, 2012

The course will be one day and a half (Saturday 8:00 AM to Sunday at noon). The students will sleep overnight in their tent. Students will also learn and demonstrate survivor skills over a 24-hour period in a wilderness setting. They will receive hands-on instruction and guidance from our professional instructors and will demonstrate the skills learned through teach back. Class size and instructor ratio is 1:5/6 and no more than 18 students per class. Students will be paired up for safety reasons and shelter building. A minimum of two instructors will always be on hand for each and every class. Students will be required to bring the items indicated as well as three Meals Ready to Eat (MREs). MREs will be available for purchase at the start of the class Saturday by the instructors if needed. No cell phones or firearms will be allowed to be brought by the students. The instructors will have the necessary equipment to contact local law enforcement should an emergency arise. Departure will be at 8:00 AM Saturday morning with the class returning around noon on Sunday. Dress code should be appropriate for the weather including proper footwear. No flip flops or sandals or open toed shoes allowed.

For more information regarding this course please view the brochure by clicking this link!