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Southeast to host 2nd annual Super Sunday event Feb. 12 at Middlesboro church

Southeast Kentucky Community amp; Technical College, on Sunday, Feb. 12, will sponsor the second Super Sunday event. The event will be held at the Mount Moriah Baptist Church located at 314 North 19th Street in Middlesboro.

The event, slated to begin at 11 a.m., will find faculty and staff from Southeast attending the worship service. Afterwards, a luncheon will be held followed by a college fair that will promote the many educational opportunities available to African Americans and individuals of color at the various colleges within the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

During the service, SKCTC President Dr. W. Bruce Ayers will address the congregation as will the colleges Director of Diversity, Carolyn M. Sundy. The church is led by Rev. James Chesney.

As part of the initiative, SKCTC is honoring several esteemed alumni for their achievements by their inclusion into the Super Sunday Hall of Fame. Named to the Hall of Fame for 2012 and representing Southeast are Dr. Jerome Ratchford, Dr. Georgenna Riley and Georgetta Riley.

Ms. Sundy explained the mission of Super Sunday, noting that among its goals is to create awareness and excitement about the event between prospective students, parents, community leaders and the general public. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has proclaimed Feb. 12 as Super Sunday Day across the commonwealth.

Super Sunday is an annual student recruitment initiative specifically targeting African-American students and their families with information and resources to support admission and enrollment to college, said Sundy.

The day will promote higher education to show students how they can achieve a college education, said Dr. Ayers. It will also highlight the role of parental involvement and early preparation in facilitating successful access to colleges for African-American. It is part of the KCTCS Super Sunday statewide effort to encourage early planning for college and the involvement of community members as mentors for young people.

Ms. Sundy lauded the success of last years event as 23 churches participated along with 300 volunteers, 4,000 participants, 400 prospective students, 75 advocates, 29 alumni and 260 mentions by state radio outlets and newspapers. The goal for the 2012 event is to double those numbers as the event will be held in 32 lead churches and include more than a dozen partner churches, with college fairs at 25 locations.

The event at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Middlesboro is open to all, and for additional information about Super Sunday and SKCTSs involvement, contact Ms. Sundy by phoning 589-3052.

You can check out some Video interviews from the Super Sunday proclamation signing in Frankfort here!