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Southeast nursing program to host open house events at Pineville and Cumberland campuses

Southeast Students working on Simulator

The Academic Career Mobility Nursing Program at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College will present two open house events slated for Thursday, April 12 at the Pineville campus and Friday the 13th at the Cumberland campus.
The open houses will be held from 1 until 4 p.m., according to Kathy Guyn, nursing program coordinator. The open house is designed to showcase the SKCTC high fidelity simulator laboratory and the overall program to members of the communities as well as for health care providers.

The program operated at Southeast, is proud of the state of the art advanced laboratory facilities for training of its nursing students, said Guyn, a faculty member at the college for three decades. Students have the ability to learn and practice on advanced high fidelity simulation mannequins of which the public will most likely be interested in viewing the assorted demonstrations conducted by the faculty and students.

Among the simulators used by students in the SKCTC program include Sim Man and Sim Baby, along with the medium simulation mannequins Nurse Ann and Nurse Kid, all which work to advance students skills in the laboratory setting.
We at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College are most fortunate to have such teaching tools at our disposal, said Guyn. Students in nursing today require a teaching pedagogy based on collaboration, increased participation and realistic emersion. Simulation is the cutting edge for learning experiences and by engaging learners directly in a simulation event like this learning can occur.
She also made mention of how the high fidelity simulators respond to pharmacological and physical manipulation as real patients would. One of the big advantages of this type of simulation is that it works to decrease students anxiety while increasing self-confidence.
The open houses, according to Professor Guyn, will most likely be an opportunity for those who may be interested in pursuing a career in nursing, allowing prospective students the chance to learn more about SKCTCs award winning and nationally recognized program. We look forward to hosting these open house events and look forward to showing the public what we have to offer.

The open house on April 12 at Pineville, from 1 until 4 p.m., will be in room 144; while the event, set for April 13th at Cumberland, also from 1 until 4 p.m., is to be held in Falkenstine Hall. For more information, phone 589-3098.