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Southeast Alumnus and local business owner Geremiah Holbrook offering free technical support for students

Mark Twain once said, When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Kentucky because everything there happens 20 years after it happens anywhere else. Well, not if, local businessman and Southeast graduate, Geremiah Holbrook has anything to say about it.

Theres nothing wrong with the quaintness of the area. Its definitely the source
of our particular charm, but when it comes to education, you can always be faster.
The goal of learning is to acquire as much information as you can. To acquire more
Information we have to share information faster. That isnt happening while youre
waiting on a web page to load or futilely trying to open a particular file format. I
cant teach students, but I can give them the tools they need to learn and learn
more efficiently in 2013, said Holbrook about his community service campaign
to help students with computer problems.

In his outreach to students in the community, 23-year-old Geremiah Holbrook of AdminRights Technology Solutions, a local company, is providing current students of Southeasts Middlesboro campus with free technical support. Students requiring technical support to help improve PC performance may call or text (606) 269-6088 or email to create an appointment with Mr. Holbrook to have their PC repaired or performance improved.