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Pilot program PLUGGEDIN-KY completes program, ceremony held

PLUGGEDIN-KY is a pilot program sponsored by Kentucky Adult Education in cooperation with Laurie Henry, University of Kentucky Professor. The PLUGGEDIN-KY class started March 1, 2010 and was completed on August 26. A total of nine students completed the six month program with GED certifications, Kentucky Employability Certificates and Microsoft Certifications.

The students have also accumulated 18 college credit hours in Information Technology. Because the class was so successful, the college is now offering the Computer Support Assistant Certificate. All nine students now have this credential and will receive the certification in December at the graduation ceremony.

In addition to all their hard work in the classroom, the students have launched a final capstone project with the help of PRIDE, local government and the local 109 Board on recycling. The class has partnered with the board to start recycling projects at SKCTC as well as local K-12 institutions and community businesses. Students will be involved with the grand opening of the new recycling center in Bell County on September 15, and will help with the 109 Boards booth at the Fall Festival. Harlan County students with PLUGGEDIN-KY will partner with local government in Harlan County to launch a recycling project for the Harlan and Cumberland Campuses and will work with county officials at the annual Swappin Meetin in October.

Graduates of KY-Plugged-In

Pictured left to right: First RowJane Brock, Jerilyn Baker, Myrtle Buis, Tamara Middleton, Danielle Gaines, Brandon Barnett, Tracy Cox, Deborah Leatherwood. Back rowDr. Laurie Henry, Kathy Newman, Dwayne Gibson, Brenda Morris, Marilyn Lyons, Bobbie Dixon, and Dr. Wheeler Conover.