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Photographer Wendy Ewald speaks at Whitesburg Campus of SKCTC on October 10th

The Honors Program at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College is sponsoring a special public event at 7pm on October 10, 2011, featuring an artist talk by Wendy Ewald at its Whitesburg campus. Ewald is an internationally recognized photographer who lived and worked in Letcher County during 1974 - 1982. With support from the Kentucky Arts Council and the Polaroid Foundation, she was an artist in the schools at Kingdom Come School, Cowan Elementary and Campbell's Branch Elementary where she encouraged her students to use cameras to record themselves, their families and communities, and to articulate their fantasies and dreams. The work resulting from those years was collected in the book Portraits and Dreams published in 1985.

As part of the presentation, Ewald will share select images collaboratively created during the era when she was teaching locally. Archival media as well as contemporary video will also be shown from a new Appalshop documentary project which follows the process of re-engagement between Ewald and her former students who are now adults in their forties.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact:
Rhona Creech at SKCTC: 606-633-0279 ext 13347; Robert Gipe at SKCTC: 606-589 - 3130
or Elizabeth Barret at Appalshop: 606-633-0108