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Operation UNITE assisting emergency management in counties hit by the March 2nd tornadoes

Operation UNITE is assisting emergency management officials in counties hit by the March 2 tornadoes.

Currently the greatest needs are for supplies in Menifee and Lawrence counties. This is an immediate need.

Supplies Needed: Non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, socks, garbage bags, diapers, wipes, Germ-X, shampoo, deodorant, paper products, rubber storage containers, hammers, nails, shovels, mops, brooms, small hand tools, gloves and boxes.

Supplies for communities can be dropped off at any of the UNITE offices, or we can put donors in touch with community members from those areas that have been hit.

Calls regarding relief supplies should be directed to Koula at 606-330-1400 or


Tom Vicini at 606-589-3069

Operation UNITE has an office located on the first floor of the Godbey Appalachian Center at the Cumberland Campus.