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David Clutts named to leadership post in KCTCS math initiative

Southeast Kentucky Community amp; Technical College faculty member David W. Clutts has been named project team leader for the Kentucky Community amp; Technical College Systems Online Virtual Learning Initiative (VLI) in Developmental Math.

Now in his 11th year at Southeast, Clutts, in his new position, is to provide leadership, oversight and management for developing, scheduling and staffing for the instruction of fully-prepared modular competency-based, self-paced instruction that meets the desired learning outcomes of the project.

According to Clutts, SKCTC was chosen as the lead college in 2008 for developmental math within the KCTCS structure.

KCTCS online is marketed entirely through the World Wide Web and is designed to reach a significant number of people who otherwise would not be able to attend college, he explained. Through the Virtual Learning Institute we will add developmental math, reading and writing courses to its online offering by next summer.

Clutts, when first named project team leader, worked alongside Dr. Wheeler Conover, the chief academic officer at Southeast, to develop a consortium on advisory partners from KCTCS, the Council on Postsecondary Education, the Kentucky Department of Education and Harlan County Schools. Courses which include MT55 pre-algebra, MT 65 beginning algebra and MT 120 intermediate algebra will be broken into smaller sections or modules that may be taken at a students pace and in smaller bites of time than a full course.

The sum of module credits will equal the credit for the parent course. Students will take a placement test, enrolling in only the modules they need. They may enter a module at any time, but must pass a post test to demonstrate competency, he explained.

The project will have two phases: development and delivery. The first phase began August 1 and will run until May 31, 2010. The delivery phase will begin immediately upon completion of the development phase.

Clutts is currently working with fellow course leaders from five KCTCS institutions.