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Harlan County Speed Test

Visit https://centertech.com/technology/harlan-county-broadband-internet-speed-test/ to take the speed test before September 30th.

Many Harlan County citizens may have little to no access to reliable and affordable internet. Data is needed to document this lack of internet and the areas of need. This test will help provide an accurate assessment of the current quality of internet access and affordability in an effort to help all of Harlan County get reliable internet access. County residents, please take this one-minute speed test from your home computer. If you don’t have home service, you can use your cell phone.

During this unprecedented time, the need for reliable, affordable internet service in all parts of the community is more important than ever. The Center for Rural Development is working with GEO Partners LLC to address this need. We are calling on all community members, including those with students in grades K-12 and citizens working from home, to complete this one-minute speed test.

The test can be done from any device connected to your broadband internet signal in your home. Your participation is very important! Please complete the internet speed test by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, September 30th, 2020.

Make sure your device is connected to your broadband service and no one in your household is streaming video or gaming at the time you conduct the test. Please disconnect from a VPN if you use it to work from home. For those individuals without broadband internet access in your home, the only thing you will have to do is enter the address of the home with no available service.