General Information Continued

BOOKS (The SKCTC Bookstores are managed by Barnes & Noble)

Text books are available at the bookstore on the following campuses:Cumberland-Whitesburg-Harlan-Middlesboro. The bookstore refund policy is posted on the wall and given to students when books are purchased. Refund deadline for books purchased is the last day to enter an organized class for that semester.

  • If you are eligible for a financial aid, you may be eligible to charge your books. Contact the Financial Aid Office on your campus for more information.

  • Book charges against financial aid awards usually begin within three (3) to five(5) days before the first day of classes and will end around ten (10) days after the first day of classes. The Bookstore will publish the actual dates each semester.
  • You must have a copy of your schedule and your student ID in order to charge books.

    Only students with a completed financial aid file and awards in excess of tuition
    and fees will be allowed to charge books against their financial aid.

  • You can charge whatever you want in the store (books, supplies, clothing, etc.) based on the amount of excess financial aid you have.

  • To determine how much aid you have at your discretion, please visit the self service online access at: You will need your User ID and Password-these are the same as your KCTCS email username and password. Please be advised that all award amount listed are based on full time enrollment. For specific amounts, you may visit the Financial Aid Office.

  • There will be no paper vouchers given-everything will be automated and electronic.

  • There will be no list posted to tell you if you have eligibility to charge books. You can only find this out from visiting the above mentioned website or the Financial Aid Office.

  • Your financial aid file must be complete within two days of the last day to charge books in order to charge books for any semester. If you complete your financial file between the first day to charge books and within two days of the last day to charge books, you will have a 48 hour waiting period before you will be able to charge books.

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