Admissions Office Contacts

The Admission Office at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College consists of an excellent group of people dedicated to serving you. They will help you with the application for admission, schedule COMPASS or ACT testing, assign you an advisor, and give you information about our various programs.

Meet the Admission Staff

need help? call 1-855-2GO-SKCTC

Cumberland Campus

Shana Lewis, Student Affairs Specialist
(606)589-2145, ext. 93019

Harlan Campus

Tony Sweat, Coordinator of Student Services
(606)573-1506, ext. 93232

Middlesboro Campus

Felicia Carroll, Coordinator of Admissions
(606)242-2145, ext. 80257

Rachel Grubbs, Student Affairs Specialist
(606)242-2145, ext. 80145

Whitesburg Campus

Ron Brunty, Student Counselor
(606)633-0279, ext. 93320

Pricie Young, Student Affairs Specialist
(606)633-0279, ext. 93322

Pineville Campus

Bobbie Grubbs, Students Affairs Specialist
(606)337-3106, ext. 82010

Students Affairs Specialist(606)337-3106, ext. 82010

Toll free (888)274-7322