Professional Craft Pottery

Shape your future.

If you would like to turn an artistic passion into a money-making career, we can help. Our degree program prepares you for work as a professional potter or in pottery-related fields.

What do we teach?


Both traditional and contemporary concepts of pottery. You learn technical skills, design skills, and marketing, and business skills. Our courses develop basic and advanced throwing, with an emphasis on form and design.

What if I want to start my own pottery studio?

We teach pottery studio design and marketing procedures for the professional potter. You can open and operate your own pottery studio, work for existing businesses, or transfer to a four-year degree program.

What certificates are available?

  • Kiln Building for Professional Potters Certificate, which covers methods of kiln construction, principles in designing kilns, and how to prepare layouts for building kilns.
  • Professional Raku Pottery Certificate, which covers producing and firing raku pottery. You learn advanced shapes and decoration; constructing, loading and firing a raku kiln; and creating work for a show and sale.


Professional Craft Pottery program brochure