Medical Assisting

The Medical Assisting deadline for applications will be March 21st, the next conference date will be March 17th and the final conference will be March 19th. Please contact program coordinator Leann Turner at for additional information.

The vital signs of your new career are great!

Medical Assistants are vital in the day-to-day operations of medical practices, doctor's offices and other healthcare facilities. Physicians count on Medical Assistants to greet patients, prepare patients for exams and, in many cases, perform routine clinical tasks like taking patient history, collecting vital signs, blood pressure, height and weight, temperature, and more. In addition, they also often help with the administrative tasks of running an office: answering phones, making appointments, data entry and paperwork. Get a great start in the health care field at Southeast!

What can I do?

The Medical Assistant is a vital liaison between the doctor and patient and plays an important role in diagnosis and treatment. The many different roles assumed in this profession assure a fast moving and challenging career. You can go to work in physician offices, clinics, public and private hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient care facilities, medical laboratories or in chiropractic, osteopathic, ophthalmic or other health related offices.

What are my options?


  • General Occupational and Technical Studies


How do I start?

Provide SKCTC with your ACT scores
Complete an Application for Admission "Start here"
Send high school/GED transcripts to SKCTC
Send a letter to the Medical Assisting Program Coordinator stating intent to the admitted to the program.
Attend a pre-admissions conference

Contact Information

Mary "Leann" Turner, Program Coordinator
Harlan Campus
1-888-274-7322 Ext. 13234

Professor Michael Good, Allied Health Division Chair
Pineville Campus
(606) 248-2122


Medical Assisting program brochure


Medical Assisting