Business Studies: Medical Information Technology

Do you like to keep order? Are you good with paperwork? We have just the profession for you. And we can provide just the training you need.

Where would you work?

In hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, nursing homes, and other facilities. Our graduates prepare records and reports, maintain files, order supplies, do accounting, work with insurance and coding, and receive patients.

How do we help?

Our Medical Information Technology program combines laboratory, classroom, and internship experience to prepare you for business and office careers in health care.

What specialty can you choose?

We offer degrees, diplomas, and certificates for a variety of positions. Students select an area of specialty from several options:

What do you learn?

The laws and ethics of the health care system, medical terms, and interpersonal skills. You are often the information clearinghouse for the medical office.

More specifically

You schedule patient appointments, provide medical correspondence, and prepare reports for patient employers. Our graduates work on spreadsheets, word processing, database management, desktop publishing and graphics programs.