What is EPIC?

  • Enhancing Programs for IT Certification (EPIC) is an expansion of Learn on Demand (LoD).
  • We are building tomorrow's workforce today!
  • To help colleges educate workers for employment in high wage, high skill occupations
  • Course Work Available Entirely Online
  • Collaboration among SKCTC and industries for apprenticeships and internships
  • Programs Available for Degrees and Certifications (5 Degrees, 11 Certificates)

Check out the links to right or check out - http://learnondemand.kctcs.edu/online-programs/EPIC.aspx for a more detailed description of our programs

Contact For More Information:
David C. Dixon, MA Ed., EPIC Project Team Leader
Telephone: 1.606.589.3121 | C ell: 1.606.670.2011 | E-mail: ddixon0009@kctcs.edu

Joseph D. Fulkerson, M.Ed., Outreach & Placement Specialist
Telephone: 1.606.589.3120 | Cell: 1.606.273.5735 | E-mail: jfulkerson0016@kctcs.edu

Learn on Demand employees

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