Developmental Education


To provide accessible, personalized and supportive academic advising and developmental instruction for students who test into Developmental Reading, Writing and/or Math (below 100-level college courses). Encourage and coach students while fostering college readiness and help prepare them to achieve personal, educational and career goals. We believe in treating student with respect and meeting them where they are.


  • Provide a responsive and encouraging introduction to Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College
  • Furnish essential information as students transition into the college culture
  • Clarify and explain placement testing results and alternative testing options
  • Endeavor to enroll students into appropriate classes and
  • Partner with Developmental faculty to monitor student attendance and progress
  • Encourage students regular use of Tutoring Services and Study Groups
  • Help students choose a major or program and prepare a detailed Educational Plan
  • Increase student persistence and successful completion of Developmental courses
  • Coach students by teaching goal-setting and time-management skills


  • Provide a positive and supportive classroom atmosphere
  • Deliver basic skills instruction in Reading, Writing and Math; skills that will help students gain greater self-confidence and lay the foundation for future academic success
  • Mentor and coach students toward academic and personal achievements
  • Utilize TABE and Compass testing options to facilitate proper placement
  • Refer students to Tutoring Services and Developmental Advising
  • Help students discover and utilize all campus resources
  • Convey reasonable and clear expectations while engaging students in the learning process
  • Enhance student growth and development leading to graduation