Administrative Services

Offices & Departments

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College has several offices and departments to serve you, the student, and the community.

The Business Office

The SKCTC Office of Business Affairs exists to provide leadership and support in the areas of budget, accounting, human resources, auxiliary services, facilities/equipment/transportation management, communication infrastructure, and safety and security of the college. The multi-campus organization of the Business Office supports the mission of the college in handling all transactions of a business or financial nature and insures adherence to KCTCS Business Procedures and stewardship of college resources.

  • Purchasing/Accounts Payable
  • Student Financials/Cashiering
  • Human Resources
  • Maintenance and Operations/Facilities
  • Auxiliaries
  • Safety

The Registrar s Office

The purpose of the Registrar s Office is to support the education of students as Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College and to protect the integrity of the credentials awarded at Southeast. The main responsibilities is to maintain accurate records; to allow access to student records in compliance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974; and to support the academic programs of the college by gathering, maintain and distributing information.

  • Academic Calendar
  • Academic Requirements
  • General Education Competencies
  • Program Check Sheets
  • Student Records

Student Services

Student Affairs program at Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College consists of an excellent group of people dedicated to serving the students. Student Affairs is one of the four administrative branches of the college with Dean of Student Affairs as the responsible administrative officer.

Student Affairs Mission Statement

Student Affairs functions to assist, enhance and support student enrollment, learning and development. The Student Affairs program supports the College's mission through the following goals.

  • To provide accurate and current information about SKCTC, it programs and services to students.
  • To assist students in making a smooth transition to college life by providing quality admissions, enrollment and financial aid programs.
  • To provide students with comprehensive counseling and testing programs.
  • To assist and support students in the educational, career and personal development while they are affiliated with SKCTC
  • To provide adequate services for special needs students.
  • To provide student activities and a close working relationship with the college administration through the Student Government Association.

  • Student Activities
  • International Students
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Consumer Information
  • The Student Guide

Office of Cultural Diversity

To support diversity and inclusiveness while bridging gaps and removing barriers that block education and workforce preparation, valuing the differences among the Southeast community as it relates to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and nationality.

  • Goals
  • Resources
  • Programs
  • Events
  • Partners