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Institutional Goals

SKCTC will develop an effective advising model, including equipping advisors with the knowledge base and skills necessary for them to empower students to work actively with them to achieve academic goals.


Student Learning Outcomes for the SKCTC QEP
SLO-1: Students will develop a clear idea of who their advisor is, the role of their advisor in their academic progress, and how to manage the student-advisor relationship.

SLO-2: Students will engage meaningfully and effectively with their academic advisors throughout the creation and execution of their academic plan.

SLO-3: Students will demonstrate the ability to self-manage graduation or transfer requirements.

SLO-4: Students will develop a detailed, practical, and individualized credential-earning plan beginning with the first semester of study.

SLO-5: Students will access academic and student support services to complete their degree plan in increasing numbers over the life of the QEP.