Go2College in High School

Get a head start on a college degree with KCTCS's dual credit program.

What is dual credit?

Dual credit is concurrent enrollment in high school and a KCTCS college with credit awarded by both. A high school student may earn both high school and college credit for the same course upon successful completion of course requirements.

Why Should I Enroll In A Dual Credit Program?

  • Save time earning college credits in high school shortens the time it takes to get your college degree.
  • Save money most dual credit tuition programs offer reduced tuition.
  • In some cases, students who take dual credit classes are given special consideration when applying for admissions to selective college programs.

What do I Have To Do To Be Eligible?

  • Be a high school junior or senior.
  • Complete a KCTCS application and dual credit form.
  • Meet the assessment and placement requirements.
  • Participate in a dual credit course that is in agreement between KCTCS and the partner secondary school

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