Our Mission and Vision


Founded in 1960, Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College is a public, comprehensive community and technical college under the governance of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System(KCTCS). The college serves the southeastern Kentucky region and provides:

  • Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree programs and courses designed to prepare individuals to succeed in baccalaureate programs at senior colleges and universities
  • Associate in Applied Science degree programs, certificates programs, diploma programs and courses designed to prepare individuals to succeed in today s technological workforce
  • Continuing education, training activities and services designed to expand life skills and knowledge of our citizens, strengthen the existing workforce, and enhance community and business development
  • Academic support and developmental education courses and experiences designed to prepare individuals for success in transfer, technical, and continuing education programs and courses
  • Resources to promote the preservation of Appalachian culture by stimulating artistic expressions, serving as a depository for the region s history and cultural traditions, providing a forum for the arts through cross-cultural experiences, and promoting the arts in education

Adopted 2009 by the KCTCS Board of Regents, the SKCTC Faculty and Board of Directors


  1. Advance Excellence and Innovation in Teaching, Learning and Service
  2. Increase Student Access, Transfer, and Success
  3. Cultivate Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Inclusion
  4. Enhance the Economic and Workforce Development of the Commonwealth
  5. Promote the Recognition and Value of Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College and the Kentucky Community & Technical College System

Adopted 2010 by the SKCTC Faculty and Board of Directors

Statement of Values

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College:

  1. Strives to be a proactive and responsive partner with its communities.
  2. Continuously examines its environment to understand and anticipate local, regional, and state needs and to respond with appropriate programs and services.
  3. Endeavors to be an active leader in its service area, working with other community organizations and educational programs to empower its constituencies to participate in social and economic change.
  4. Strives for excellence in teaching and learning, providing a diverse student population with an outstanding, student-centered education to nurture a capacity and excitement for lifelong learning.
  5. Works to establish strong partnerships with public schools, industry, and transfer institutions to ensure that all students come prepared to succeed and depart with strong options for future growth and development.
  6. Overcomes barriers of distance, fear, poverty, and other constraints to education through creative use of resources.

Adopted 2002 by the SKCTC Faculty and Board of Directors