The Southeast sustainability group holds inaugural meeting; invites community to next meeting on October 31.

The Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College’s Sustainability Committee held its initial meeting Sept. 25 in the gallery of the Edsel Godbey Appalachian Gallery, Cumberland campus. The meeting involved a discussion of the book ‘Hot, Flat and Crowded’ by Thomas Friedman.

Presenter Larry LaFollette stated, “I chose this particular text because more than any other, it presents a complete picture of sustainability, not just the commonly discussed issues of recycling and energy conservation.”

LaFollette continued, “Sustainability is about cultivating a mindset. It’s about realizing everything, everything we do has an impact, and being mindful that what we do in one instance can have profound effect on ours, our children’s, and our children’s children’s future.”

Southeast student Theresa Banks led a follow up discussion on what a sustainable future for Harlan County would look like. She shared her favorite line of dialogue from the current Higher Ground production ‘Foglights’ ‘I am more than just a rock in the ground.’ Others joining in the conversation were Tiffany Scott commenting on her father’s passive solar heating arrangement for his swimming pool and Melissa Helton, along with others, adding comments on the importance of raising more locally-grown produce. Everyone was in agreement that envisioning a sustainable future for Harlan County was a tremendous challenge, but a challenge that needs to be seriously addressed.

The next meeting of the SKCTC Sustainability Committee will be at noon on Thursday, Oct. 31. For further information contact Larry LaFollette at 606/589-3131.