Southeast Faculty, Staff and Students celebrate Earth Day with the planting of flowers on the Cumberland campus

The annual observance of Earth Day was held recently on the Cumberland campus of Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College as students, staff and faculty gathered to plant a variety of annual flowers at sites near Newman Hall and the Godbey Appalachian Center. The event is coordinated each year by Professor Patricia Scopa, Elana Scopa and Cathie Day. Students participating in the event included: James D. Hughes, Madison Ball, Dustin Bray, Sherry Cornett, Danielle Brock, John Middleton, Austin Short, Michael W Smith, Aubre Hammons, Amber Miles, Clifton Rollins, Tessa Saylor, Brittany Nolan, Tiffanie Graham, Amy Bach, Kristin Jackson,  Bridgett Gambrel, Andrea Harmon, Jessica Pierson, Kelli Brown, Ryan Cope, Courtney Mills, Deron Majors, Amber Merida, Tabitha Goodin, Jennifer Gilbert, Jessica Turner, Brenda Payne, Randall Helton, Adam Peace, Sarah Harrison, William Howard, Zachary Howard, Jacob Hunter, Hunter Middleton, Travis Fields, Abbey Abraham, Tasha Fee, Austin Short, Paul Creech, Chase Calton,  Deana Polis, Ashley Fouts, Paul Creech, Kim King, Richard Fuller, Adam Peace, Ally Layne, Hailey Dixon and Heath Bennett.     (Photo by Chris Jones)

Students with earth day shirts on