Geremiah Holbrook

Geremiah Holbrook with arms crossed

As a high school graduate, college seemed intimidating. I thought I was going to be on my own with no one to help me. I felt lost and was simply hoping for the best. However, what I found here at Southeast was direction. As soon as I stepped on campus, there were signs letting me know: Step 1: Admissions, Step 2: Financial Aid, etc. I thought, “Well that was easy.” The next thing I knew, I had my schedule in hand and a bag full of books. Everyone greeted me with smiles and really looked like they enjoyed doing what they did. Finding my classes was just as simple. All of the rooms and buildings were labeled, so I located my classes as easily as I had completed registration, and the teachers left us with their personal information on the first day. I didn’t only get an e-mail address, but their phone numbers as well and precise office hours. I can definitely say that I was not left in the dark like I had thought coming out of high school.