Amanda Alred

Amanda Alfred interns at a local pharmacy

When I graduated from high school, I knew that I wanted to eventually go to pharmacy school. I enrolled at Southeast Community College after completing some courses at a traditional 4-year college. I was able to transfer all of those courses for credit and I was excited to learn that I could complete all of the required coursework for acceptance into pharmacy school right there at Southeast.

My experience at Southeast was phenomenal. I was able to take affordable, challenging courses, all while being close to home. The professors who taught my classes were very accessible and helpful whenever I needed them. They each challenged me to strive for excellence in the classroom and gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a pharmacist. I felt that they genuinely cared about my education and wanted to see me succeed. In 2010, I had completed my Associate in Science degree at Southeast and was accepted at the Appalachian College of Pharmacy in Oakwood, Virginia.

The Appalachian College of Pharmacy offers an accelerated program where students earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 3 years. It is a fast-paced, intense program and I feel that I have been truly prepared for success in pharmacy school through my education at Southeast. I have just completed my second year in the program and will graduate in May 2013. I will forever be indebted to my Southeast family for giving me a strong foundation for my future career as a pharmacist.

-Amanda Alred