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Financial Aid Office

As a Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College student you could be eligible to receive financial assistance under the programs administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid and also under programs administered by Southeast.  For more information you should first contact a Financial Aid Office at any of our five campuses.

When you log onto PeopleSoft, the Student Center is the first screen that you will view. You can access your schedule, account balance, grades, service indicators (if any) and financial aid information whenever you need it. You can access PeopleSoft at

When you are finished viewing your information, always close the browser. This will prevent others from accessing your information.  NOTE: You must first activate your e-mail account before you follow these instructions! Activate your Email Account.

Rebecca Parrott-Robbins (all Campuses)
Vice President of Student Affairs
(606)337-3106, ext. 50256

need help? call 1-855-2GO-SKCTC

Cumberland Campus

Charlotte Lockaby
Financial Aid Coordinator
(606)589-2145, ext. 13021

Harlan Campus

Debra Miller
Financial Aid Coordinator
(606)589-2145, ext. 13230

Middlesboro Campus

Barbara Gent
Financial Aid Coordinator
(606)242-2145, ext. 50142

Kim A. Hobbs
Financial Aid Assistant
(606)242-2145, ext. 50143

Pineville Campus

Andrea Woods
Financial Aid Coordinator
(606)337-3106, ext. 52064

Whitesburg Campus

Keisha Hunt
Financial Aid Coordinator
(606)633-0279, ext. 13330