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Honors Program

Are you interested in graduating with honors from Southeast? Do you enjoy classes that offer more than just lectures and taking tests? The Southeast Honors Program is a great way to fulfill requirements for your degree, meet people from other campuses, work on individualized projects, and build your academic transcript by graduating with distinction.


  • 3.25 GPA or 23 ACT
  • It takes a minimum of 2 semesters to complete the program

How to Apply:

  • Contact campus honors adviser
  • Fill out Honors Program Application - Click here to download the application!
  • Turn in a 2 page essay explaining your thoughts on the motto "Better yourself, better your world".

Honors Programs Advisers:


Honors Program Life: Click here to see Honors in Action!

Being in the Honors Program allows for other great opportunities. We offer for personal and professional development, such as attending festivals, conferences, workshops, seminars, and events.

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